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Tom from London wrote:

Hey Select High Class,
looking at your site for a while, love the new design at least one directory without all the stuff and pop up's if I am looking for a girl, I don't want to see all this crap!!! Keep up the good work!

Tom, London

Thanks Tom, we appreciate your comment,
We really like to hear from you and appreciate your input and will post your remarks right here!

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How should my Profile look like?

Keep it classy. We don't like to censor any one, but we are an upscale Escort Directory. Don't submit pictures with genitals showing or other obscene images or text, this will be rejected.

A few Tips on how to be the perfect Client

Top 7 things not to do with an Escort

The use of Escort Services is definitely not a new thing in society.This type of an arrangement has been going on for centuries. Throughout time, not much has changed about the expectations and the services offered by Escorts. The same rules generally apply; as do the the rules about what you shouldn't do with an Escort.Here are some tips about how not to behave when you're on a date with your Escort.


Escorts deserve your respect and kindness. You should not be condescending, unkind or disrespectful to an Escort just because your'e paying for the time spent with him or her. Common manners and compassion will prove to an Escort that your'e worthy of the date and a candidate for future dates, too, Cruelty and contempt are grounds for an Escort to walk out on the date prior to its conclusion.


As you set up your date, you agreed to a set fee. It is unfair and impractical to ask an Escort to "give a Freebie." The Escort has a job to do, a job in which they get paid. This is how Escorts pay their bills and buy the groceries. You wouldn't consider asking an attorney or doctor for free services; it's inappropriate to ask an Escort to provide their time and services for free or for a discount.


The appointment you set up was for and only you, unless you specifically requested something different at the time.The fee originally agreed upon was for time spent with you, not with a group. An Escort does not have to stay if you have invited others along.


There's nothing worse than to be stood up for an appointment or a date. Don't do this to your Escort. If something happens where you can't meet or if you change your mind about the date, call and let them know. Not doing so only shows rudeness and disrespect.


Every Escort has a different set of rules or guidelines they stick to. If you attempt to go beyond them, the Escort may call of the date immediately. Respect their rules and abide by their requests.


Escorts don't want to go on a date or have an appointment with someone sweaty from the gym or dirty from work. Please be sure to shower or clean up prior to meeting with your Escort. If that's not possible, oblige your Escort's request by showering when you get to your meeting.


Even if this is your first time with an Escort, don't be nervous. Relax and let the Escort make you comfortable. This is what he or she is skilled at; don't be so nervous the Escort can't do the job you are paying him or her for. Additionally don't be afraid to ask questions. Escorts work in an unusual world, so your question is probably not the first one of its kind they have heard. If you want to know something, ask it!

By abiding by these " 7 DONT'S" you will find your experience with Escorts to be enhanced and very enjoyable. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and have fun!

Best escorts in London on why men seek a mistress

In most cases, London escorts girls claim men enter into family period at the age of 23-30 years. Not everyone is ready to quit habitual way of living. Men are forced to see friends less frequently, perform household chores and visit relatives. Wives hardly approve their trips to garage and brasseries. Note: oriental escort agency London reminds of a man’s necessity to prove own strength and importance. Why does a married man need a mistress? There are a few options: - a chance to feel young once again. That is why older men seek for young girls - a chance to open heart and reveal secret emotions. London massage escorts always take a man with all his flaws. They support and listen - a chance to gain new experience. We all remember those emotions experienced at the beginning of a relationship. Lack of romance often leads to a though of a mistress. - sexual satisfaction. In most long-term families, intimate relationships are gradually fading into the background. Few men miss a chance to again become desirable and sexually attractive.

Why do men choose escorts?

Female infidelity may be caused by a husband’s betrayal. Marble Arch escort agency warns: male adultery must be considered under a different approach. What is the reason for men seeking other pleasures? Some men cheat on their wives affected by own social status. In other words, the very status obliges men ordering London massage girls. Mistress serves a real boss’s natural accessory. She is a part of his image. A man is not so much worried about his wife’s reaction, but his girlfriend’s look. This must necessarily be a model, since her main task is a reflection of a man’s welfare and taste. Thirst for novelty is the most common cause of male infidelity. London girls escorts help escaping from monotony. They give a desire to feel the fun once again. On the one hand, we understand men, since leisure is a necessity. Lovely lady helps a man escaping from hustle and bustle, while mystery brings spicy sensations. Thus, men choose escorts trying to vary everyday life and feel some relief.