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kissing-and-hugging The Art of Hugging and Kissing Posted on June 21, 2014

Can’t believe there are actually books out there on how to kiss. Just do an Amazon search for the Art of Kissing and a few books will surface on this…er..topic. Seems anything can be taught in this world. There are even videos out there on the subject. And there is actually a book on the “Art of Hugging” aswell. There are loads of different kinds of hugs that could all mean different things so these need to be understood it seems. Apparently,there can be anything from group hugs, to lovers sensual hugs to manly pat on the back hugs to hugging babies. All are a way of expressing affection, whether accompanied with kissing or a lot of space in between. There can be the uncomfortable hugs, air kissing and some awkard moments. There can be full on hugs where each clings to the other. Whatever the version, hugs are good for your health. Hugging is part of nurturing, boosts feel good hormones and makes us feel good about ourselves. No man is an Island. All need human touch if only a random attempt at a hug every now and then.

Kissing is a much much wider subject than hugging. Kissing can be a prelude to intimacy or just a goodbye/hello. From sensuous french kissing to the peck on the check, these reactions of admiration for the other are all intimate acts that say what many words cannot. In bygone eras and still in some parts of the world today and in some religious cultures, kissing of any kind in public is frowned upon or just not done. For some it is seen as an unkempt and low act by. However, for the most part, unless one is french kissing in the middle of a supermarket, there isnt really a problem displaying this affection in most parts of the world. But one should always think of the immediate environment, I guess.

“A hug costs nothing but does more for the other than any paid therapist”


eat-smart The Fat war Posted on May 16, 2014

Losing weight is a phenomenon all of us want to stop doing at some point in the future. We always think of losing weight as something that will happen in the FUTURE, I will do this… and I will do that… and when the new year comes I will go to the gym and stop eating sweets etc etc. And I would but I don’t have the time…etc etc. Its a fact, the fat storage system on womens’ bodies is different from men’s (mostly), something to do with how how the layers are criss crossed on top of each other. But some women can be inherently thin no matter what they eat and some men can be a bit bigger than they should be no matter how ofden they dont eat. Its a numbers game, how many calories, how much food, weight and tape measures, how long, when and mostly WHY ME?

Ok folks, don’t get too disgrutled about the whole thing. Its a part of life. Some men do still love curvy women and if hes put off by a bit of flab hes not worth knowing.  As we get older things seem to stay put around our midriff, something that was easier to shift in our twenties is now impossible to shift in our thirties. And stays put in our fifties and is going nowhere.

With summer approaching, we all want to be wearing those skimpy lovely darlings that have been sleeping in our wardrobe for the past year. And shops like Topshop don’t make it easier for us normal women…and what is a size 0 anyway? Did that come from the states? And what about the women in magazines that look like they have only eaten an apple in the past week? Maybe they just naturally look like that, not fair on the rest of us we say. Well then get off your bum woman and do something about it.

The SMART way to lose weight

S, be sensible, eat less fat and sugar and go to the gym at least every 2 days

M, medium, have medium amounts of food on your plate, don’t overcrowd it with extras

A, applicable, only eat an applicable amount, that is the amount of food you need for your lifestyle, if you are an athlete you will need more calories than a sedentary office jobber

R, remember, everything you eat, don’t forget when you are snacking in front of the TV and forget later that you’ve already eaten

T, time, give it time, Rome wasn’t built in a day

Remember, don’t struggle with your knife and fork, if they don’t really need to be in your mouth, don’t invite them in

question-mark One cannot do Anything but can do Everything they can – do you agree? Posted on April 28, 2014

You cannot teach a five month old baby to drive a car, therefore, ‘one’, assuming this means all of human kind at any given time, cannot do ‘anything’. But, it can be argued, that, if you wait for that baby to become a teenager, then, you can teach them to drive the car. But, this ‘doing’ is dependent on having limitless time. Which, we don’t have on earth. Outside of time, there are other constraints as to why one cannot do anything. Scratching the surface, this includes things like ones’ cognitive ability, for example, one person may be able to study mathematics, another, having a learning disability, will never be able to. Physical ability is another constraint, for example, not everybody can become an athlete, no matter how hard they try. The list can go on to include empathy, for example, one person may be able to kill, another cannot will themselves ever to do this. So, it is not really a choice for one to do ‘anything’. One cannot do ‘anything’.

‘Everything’ is loosely defined as universal and all inclusive; a flux in motion on earth. Everything is not all the ‘any things’ added up. Doing ‘everything’, as opposed to doing ‘anything’, is more about effort and the ‘doing’ during the time. Note the phrase, “I did everything I could do…”. ‘For example, one person could say they went to the market and couldn’t find fish for dinner, and, so came home empty handed. Another, seeing that all the fish was sold out at the market could say they travelled beyond the market to a city fishmonger where they were able to purchase the fish. Each person could say they did ‘everything’ to get the fish. So, one can do ‘everything’; the outcome may just not be the same.’ Anything’ signifies an action and a consequence; there is an outcome from one doing (or even thinking) something. ‘Everything’, on the other hand, is including all things together to achieve an outcome; albeit a different one, as in the fish story. So, one can do ‘everything’.  There you have it…one could analyse life to death and totally disagree with or agree with this so many different ways


That post had absolutely nothing to do with Escorting, but its good to mix things up once in a while.

the-listener The Listener Posted on April 26, 2014

Escorting is all about connecting with another.  Being a very good listener. A bit like a therapist, it is a selfless job. One needs to put oneself in the world of the client and be the best companion they can have. Sometimes this might be difficult for an escort who is less experienced or may come naturally on the first go. Whether it is learned or is instinctive, being a good listener is not about how many words one hears but how one reacts to them. Only then, one can communicate and react better and so be more tactile with the client. A good Escort won’t babble on about themselves but make a note of listening; that way they learn more about what Escort Services the company they are in is after. So, no misunderstandings later on.  If you break down the facets of human nature, every one wanted to be wanted, needed and desired. The escort is selling time to make the client feel just like this.

One comes to an escort to let go of the drudgery of everyday life. They want a safe discreet place where they can relax, be themselves and not be put under any pressure. They may not talk, or they may talk a lot. Either way the client is saying a lot. Not saying something can be saying a lot. One listens, not only to words, but to gestures, reactions, eye contact, touch and facial expression.  The companion needs to envisage how to react, is the person sad, happy or what? These things may well depend on age, culture and expectations of both the client and the Escort. Things can be pretty much predicted when the client walks through the door and the kind of eye contact both share. A mutual feeling of warmth and respect from both will make for a happy date. However, if things go wrong in the first few seconds it is very hard to put it right later. But hopefully, most times, things are very smooth from the beginning.

style Be a stylish Escort Companion Posted on April 23, 2014

Style can never be carried off without confidence. If one cannot walk in high heels, no matter how pretty they look, they will never be an asset to the person wearing them. Trying to do something that one is not comfortable with will only make it harder to do. Flats can be very stylish, and, if dressed up sexily as part of an outfit can be just as sexy as Louboutins. And they are good for the posture.

One’s hair is a very personal aspect of the body. It sits on the head and is there for all to see. Making these waves stylish, sexy and comfortable will make for a more attractive body frame. Softness and shininess are key; one doesn’t want hair stiffed with hairspray. Must be able to be stroked. Must flow in the breeze and look natural. The London Escort will always make this an essential part of her grooming technique.

Wearing something that isn’t you is not good. Some of us can carry off mini dresses and slinky shorts in the summer; others feel that they just can’t. Reasons range from body shape and age to religious beliefs. Not everybody is a natural hottie in a PVC mini from Top shop. One should wear what oozes confidence and looks good, and that can even be sweatpants.

Jewelry is another very personal aspect of one’s persona. Large hooped earrings can be fabulous but are very impractical when seeing clients and getting up close and personal. Some jewelry can be outright dangerous. Scratching and getting caught up in things isn’t very romantic. A good option is investing in outfits that have fitted jewels in them, such as sequins or rhinestones etc. A great selection is out there.

A face painted to perfection might look great in Cosmo, but in natural daylight it can look not so nice. Less is always more, just need to get the right application. Some of the best beauty products can be the cheapest ones. Whilst first impressions last, at the end of the day it will be one’s spirit that will come through over it all and make for the real memory. People don’t remember what lipstick their date was wearing or if they had any on at all, they will just remember them.

And finally, drinking water, sleeping and generally being positive about life are the best ways to add style and beauty to one’s life. And that goes for Escorts as well.

easter-2014 Happy Easter 2014 Posted on April 17, 2014

Just to wish those of you going away or staying put to celebrate the four day weekend, a very happy easter. If one is out and about a London escort might be a good choice of companion for an evening. There are lots of things happening in the city. Many will be engaging in religious duties, easter egg hunts or just topping up on choc. All the big names are making the best easter baskets, chocolate assortments and kids treats from Godiva to Tesco’s finest.

Staying in or going out one may wish for a London escort for an hour or a dinner date to help celebrate this time of year with a glass or two or vino. The restaurants will be well packed and the sidebars booming with throngs people in merriment. Many may go easter honey hunting at escort agencies to catch thoese lasses around this holiday season.

Hoping the sky will stay a nice shade of rich blue and the winds will be little then it will be a most enjoyable weekend. No rain please.

Have a good one.

the-mask When Escorts mimic real life…and when they just can’t Posted on April 11, 2014

Intimate pleasure.  Obvious.  Men, women and couples who are unfulfilled elsewhere may look for a quick pick me up. Escorts are the easy answer. Escorts supply services on tap and depending what one is after, will be the ultimate sexual fantasy. They make no judgment, won’t call again but will be happy to meet again at the desired wishes of the client. Assuming the escort has been happy with the client, of course. When one is down, is stressed, has home troubles or cannot meet dates, an escort is a very easy and cost effective option. If one is looking for intimacy, a lot of time and effort can be spent on dating in the traditional sense with no guarantee of intimacy in the long run. However, the price paid for time with one hour with a hot babe, ready to do anything (almost) is easier and quicker. No pretences or effort required, just a phone call away. Intimate pleasure on one’s doorstep. Like a puppet on a string. Anytime, anywhere, there is always somebody available for some one.

Pleasure of the soul. I.e Feelings. Escorts fail miserably on this one. Escorts can never or rarely ever have feelings for the client. Nor can they give the client this feeling. They are not part of this reality of life; they just mimic it for an hour or so. Like the phrase ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’, no amount of money or hours spent can ever secure this pleasure. Having feelings or love is like one is on fire, restless and has a feeling of exhilaration. It’s a great state to be in. But is hard to find. One, may, feel like this as a kind of initial lust on first meeting an escort, but this feeling doesn’t last. However, if feelings do happen in the long run, things may get complicated as one party may not feel what the other does. But it can, although it rarely does, work out. There have been instances where an escort has married a client, but these are rare. If one is after real romance and a partner for life, meeting up with an escort every week won’t fill this gap, not even 1% of it. Escorts are a quick fix, that’s all. A stop gap. So one doesn’t go crazy. Just a little bit of senselessness along the road to recovery. If one is feeling they are missing out on the escort experience they should do it. And get it over with. And then go out and find a real woman.

In contrast to experiencing intimate pleasure, pleasure of the soul is totally on a higher level. When leaving an escort, one may have got the intimate release, but, at the same time may walk away feeling even more lonely and empty. Best to go into these things with one’s eyes wide open. It’s only business, after all.

Companionship.  As above. Real companionship has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s all good but mostly it’s up and down between partners. Genuine partners will have fights and makeups. With an escort, this will never happen, she will never fight or argue. Even if there are long and frequent bookings, because with the escort, the mask is always, or should always be on.

escort Starting out Posted on April 8, 2014

Deciding to become an Escort companion is a huge challenge and change in one’s life. Things will be different. One will have to learn very quickly and learn to go by their gut reaction in every situation. One only learns on the job, and sure, there are books and possibly even videos out there but it’s all about experience. Learning how to relate to very different people is a skill and it’s not taught. Also, how one market’s oneself to stand out from the crowd is the second most challenging aspect of this work. And there is a budget to consider.

Things to consider are price, location, and look. The look is on top as that is what makes one pick up the phone and call. If the budget is ample, one can have great photos taken. And then there is the website to organize. And then there will be the location, one needs to be fairly central. Whatever city or area, it has to be accessible.  And then there is the monthly budget one needs to pay for marketing.

Those Escorts who have been in the business for quite some time will have a grip on how things work. But for a newbie it could be very difficult. What? Why? Where? Do I need that? What do I have to do? Really? Are people really like that? Are the questions one will encounter in this industry. A newbie should start with an agency or at the very least an escort friend who may be able to guide.

Making a sh*t load of money is possible but very hard. One needs to really market themselves online, engage in a large budget and have a great look. And then there are the reviews, these are vital for any Escort to really establish herself/himself. Most will probably make an OK living, others won’t stick it for very long and then there will be the established girls who can really make the bucks.

duos Duo with the finest London Escorts Posted on April 6, 2014

Our capital has many of the finest London Escort duos available in a diverse mix of nationalities and types. Any reputable agency will have a never ending mix of beauties that can invade anyone’s fantasy and be one of the most different and exciting memories one will encounter. There are also, male+female, and male+male duos available if one fancies. Anything one wants in London one can get. And in pairs. And in triplets.

Why a duo? ie two or three? a bit busy one would say. Some gentlemen (and ladies) like variety and like the commraderie of two ladies together or a couple may like the matching together of another couple. After all, its only fun, no strings attached. And it definately kills bordem, plenty to say and plenty to say it to as there are lots of bodies there. And it is less pressure on one Companion, if there are two, they can work together as part of a team and even feel safer together. Ease the pressure so one does not have to entertain solely. Each lady at an agency who is bisexual will have a preferred play partner whom she feels comfortable with and most probably shares a flat with.

Some gentlemen do find two women together erotic. Its the soft and feminine fantasy one would suppose. Something inate maybe. And escort agencies are now offering these services as part of their portfolio. Cest la vie!


beauty-pageant Crown Miss… Posted on April 4, 2014

Most agency and independent escorts could be mistaken for real models…but what is it like to be part of the beauty organizations for real?

Over the years there have been and still are many established pageants and contests worldwide. Miss Universe, one of the most expensive and exuberant events, was founded in 1952. Each yearly event is broadcasted from the United States and is seen worldwide. The swimsuit and evening gown shows are the major parts of the event. However today, it is not just about beauty, the winner is a kind of an embassador or representative during her year reign. She travels, spreading messages about peace and is involved in public awareness issues.

Another very glamorous event is Miss World. It is the oldest international beauty pageant beginning in 1951. Rivals are Miss Universe and Miss Earth. Miss World started off as a bikini contest but then became an annual event. Eventhough swimwear is, bikinis are not part of the event now. Miss World dosn’t really air so much now.

There has been much debate over the years as to whether beauty pageants are superficial and expose women from an aesthetic view only. Its a difficult one, but can be argued that, today, pageants like Miss Universe are not just about beauty. Even though it does start with beauty, Miss Universe, for example, is really a status symbol, and in spreading goodwill, men will adore her and women will want to be like her. As long as her achivements outshine her physical beauty, then there shouldn’t be a problem. But if a pageant is purely glued onto looks and prancing around on stage as being the reason for being, then there is a problem. Today, all contestants must pass the preliminary beauty test, so it is then down to aspirations, expected achivements and political acumen that will make the winning lady shine from the rest. She will represent their country in the year of her reign. As long as they represent for the good, raise awareness of global issues and demonstrate leadership, then there is no real harm being done. Pageants should be taken as entertainment, but with a serious side, and those watching these contests should be aware that beauty is so much more than the skin on ones’ face.


Some Information in this article was taken from web pages cited below, Copyrights to the respective authors


sexy-music Sexy music to arouse Posted on March 23, 2014

If you want your dinner date or cuddling to lead to something more tune in to some sexy music. The art of seduction includes getting together some very apt tunes to help expose the soul. It can be soft playing music or the kind you ball room dance to or even the kind you jive to. Whatever atmosphere and environment permits the playing of a tune, it always brings people together. Because music releases a kind of emotion in the soul; one can feel less inhibited and carefree. Put this together with a glass or two of wino, dim the lights and the evening may positively move towards intimacy. Songs like Moon River, Lady in Red and Love me Tender are all top choices for a emotional charged experience with the another. Time to relax the soul.

And what about flashing your talents at the local club? Rocking to some rocky music can attract others to join in with you when you swing those arms and girate those hips. Glitter balls and disco (sounding very 80′s here, oops) with neon lights all make for a more mysterious atmosphere where you never know who you may bump into. Dancing with another can leave you feeling invigorated, closer and connected. It’s a medium where minds can relieve themselves of any constraints and just let energy flow. And thats what music is…letting the mind relax…flow away to a land of loving…or to the land of nod…

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.  Bob Marley

art-of-the-geisha Art of the Geisha Posted on March 14, 2014

A Geisha is a traditional Japanese female entertainer. She will be beautiful and trained in a skill such as dancing, singing or acting. Some will have many stage and other skills such as poetry and calligraphy. They are excellent at conversation and skilled in playing games. A translation of the word ‘Geisha’ in English means “performing artist”. In 18th century Japan, this new profession took hold. There were entertainment quarters where men could be entertained by Geisha in traditional dress. Some of the very first Geishas were men who performed host duties. Traditionally, Geisha were strictly forbidden to sell sex; however there is controversy over whether some did. During the Second World War many of the tea houses closed and the Geisha tradition began to decline.

The appearance of the Geisha is as much daunting as it is stunning. As regards makeup, a wax oil is applied to the skin, then white powder is mixed with water and applied with a brush from the neck up. A part of the back of the neck is left bare as this is looked on as an erotic zone. It is unsure as to why Geisha painted their faces white but one theory is that it came from China and was later adopted by Japanese courtesans. Another theory is the color white is associated with beauty. The lips are only partly colored in like a bud, as the white on the face creates an optical illusion and so coloring in the lips fully would make them appear overtly large. The teeth were then stained black as they would look overtly yellow in contrast to the white paint. Geisha always wore the kimono. To keep their beautiful hairstyle intact, Geisha sleep with their necks on small supports, otherwise the style would be destroyed.

Very few Geisha exist today and it is uncertain how many but is around 1,000 to 2,000.The Geisha that do still entertain, have now become more public, possibly to entertain tourists; many dance, put on  events and perform tea ceremonies. In the Geisha society women run everything; it is a business. It was said to be founded to promote the independence and self sufficiency of women in society. Modern Geisha live in traditional houses called “Okiya” in Geisha districts called Hanamachi .


Some Information in this article was taken from web pages cited below, Copyrights to the respective authors. Adapted under the Creative Commons licence


plastic-surgery Beam me up Scotty! Posted on March 12, 2014

UP up up up! That seems to be the way for beauty these days. Everything to be lifted, toned, tucked and tightened up in some way. All must defy gravity, don’t let it hang down! But Shuh – don’t tell any one you are going or have gone under the knife, kneedle, scalpel or injection. You may feel like crap sometimes but you don’t want to look like crap. This is of course objectionable, how you look, that is, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder i.e in the eye and mind of the one looking at you. As we age, gravity, the sun, stress and inherited genes all do their part in making those laughter lines just a little too deep.

A little (or a large) ‘lift me up’ can’t hurt. There are the best surgeons to be got, at the highest prices of course. Or lesser able surgeons at a lower price but at what risk? Mostly you would be in good hands, if some research is done. Your surgeon is your god. Some are superstars. So what to lift up? A popular and not so painless choice is the use of botox for various ailments. Good for ironing out those creases you don’t want so prominent. If your lips are a bit thin there are fillers to contour and pout you out. Can’t get rid of the flab at the gym…get stapled. There are machines and operating tables to sculp, slim and thin you. Your face can be pulled up a lot or a bit and cheekbones can be where there were none before.

A boob enhancement required? Some Escorts in London do add this as a necessary expense to their repertoire. It can help with creating one’s image and be pleasing to the eye. But there is a cut off point. Not too much (ie not too big) or it looks bad. Go with the grain ladies.

We all need to be de-crinkled at some time in our lives, the only thing is are we brave enough to just let it pass by?

 Enjoy your day.

parklane-banner Three approaches to having a successful Escort career in London Posted on March 2, 2014

What makes a high class Escort successful in London? There seems to be a special formula that is difficult to determine. Some women do fine in the industry, but they never make it to Escort super stardom like they hope. Others seem to rise effortlessly, moving from casual dates to high profile ones that take them into the very highest tiers of society. There is no one way to figure out who is going to be the most successful, and who won’t be. But there are three ways one can consider.

1. Elite London Escorts Are Genuinely Warm
No one wants to spend time with someone who lacks sincerity, any more than they want to spend time with someone who doesn’t seem like they want to be there. Put these two together, and the client is going to have a bad time. Which means no repeat business and the Escort not being very successful with agencies. The client must feel comfortable, liked and be attended to. This makes for a successful date.
The most successful elite Escorts are very warm and inviting. They smile, show a sense of humor and rely on their dynamic personality to keep the client coming back. At Park Lane Girls agency they list such successful girls in their gallery page Recommended listings.

2. London VIP Escorts Are Sensual Without Trying
Escorts have to build an image, and being sensual is a big part of this. Trying too hard, however, ruins the effect. And it might come off as being nervous or aggressive. The Escort is there to be seductive and gentle; someone for the client to enjoy their time with. The Escort companion has to show a discretion that will be reflected within the agency.

3. High Class Escorts of London Build Relationships
This is probably the most important secret for an Escort. A successful career is hard to sustain by continuously finding new clients. Repeat business is the best business! That means offering the client a sense of fondness, stability and devotion. In short, the Escort is building relationships that will last as long as possible. Connecting with clients and having a strong compatibility with them makes everything much easier.
These three approaches will contribute considerably to becoming a successful Escort. For those who are thinking of hiring a high class Escort, these three things are what one should be looking for.


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We thank guest blogger Joan Baker who created this blog.

girlfriend-experience The Hobbist and the Girlfriend Experience Posted on March 1, 2014

The girlfriend experience (GFE) includes the whole thing ie kissing, talking, hugging, dining, being intimate or any other “girlfriend type” service sought by the client. A porn star experience is more of an erotic fantasy ie like it is in the porn films. The hobbyist (client) will have a preference, however, the most popular is the GFE. Stimulating conversation and connecting with the client to make them feel special is the true value of this experience. Wining and dining and being “loved” with both parties contribuing; makes for a successdul experience. Some clients will even bring flowers and chocolates to their date to further enhance the whole experience.  A true cosy affaire. Even travelling together or going on exotic holidays can also be part of the GFE. Many London Escorts are high class travelling companions who glide through the globe at ease on these adventures. Appearing in public together ie going to the movies, shows, dinner etc and most likely retiring to the bedroom later is an enjoyable encounter for all.

So why would a man be a partron to an Escort for GFE? He wants to feel accepted. She will be non judgemental. When he walks through the door she gives him all her attention, no matter what age or how he looks. He is guaranteed to be part of someones attention for a set period of time. Another reason he may see an Escort is that he is very busy with work and cannot concieve dating in the traditional sense in his life at the moment. He has no time but wants a quick fulfilling encounter, without strings attached. He may not want the entanglement of a real relationship, with an Escort, he is paying her to not contact him again. However, he can always contact her. This sounds a bit sad and cold but suits both parties. It is a kind of arrangement. The Escort is selling her interest in the client for a set period of time. She is interested in everything he says, whether she agrees or not. She is pressing her acting skills to the depths of her soul. Some are very good at this, others really have to learn. However it is played out, the outcome should be everybody leaves the encounter satisfied.

This Video is worth a watch!



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learning-from-a-book Can you learn IT from a book? Posted on February 24, 2014

There are quite a few books on the art of escorting out there that claim to teach you how to do the job, get more customers and market yourself. Of course, going into this profession blindly is silly; one needs to get ones’ head around the work, be able to deal with the mental and physical demands, manage clients and be fervent about safety in terms of personal health and when in risky situations.

Key in the search term “London escorts” into any large search engine such as Amazon and a whole list of books appears, ranging in titles about the smutty side of the industry to the elite high priced call girls. There are diaries, girl next door books, male escort memoires, and falls from grace, the jetsetters, intimate secrets, undercover tales, erotic advisory books and the more business like how to market oneself. Some give factual straight forward advice on the industry about how to manage, others are memoires and others part fiction part real. ‘Historical’ is also a genre within this mix and includes writings on courtesans and high society complex liaisons through time. Reading about other escorts’ experiences can be invigorating, insightful and of great practical use. Nobody wakes up in the morning and knows how to be an escort. Nobody really knows until they do it. And do it and do it…

If wading through literature on the subject, best to look for a book that provides a candid look at the profession. One that will give practical advice and a step by step approach to marketing oneself in the profession. Looking at the emotional and practical concerns that a newbie might encounter will be useful to know. Choosing a book written by an escort for escorts would be the best choice.

edible-undies Edible underthings… Posted on February 23, 2014

Edible undies first came to light in the 1970′s when they were seen as an amusing and ‘je ne sais quoi’ pleasure.  Intimate play had now become more fun with gourmet adding licking and teasing to the bedroom. Now sold in lingerie and adult stores, edible lingerie is often purchased in conjunction with other edible items such as body sauce and other body candy eateries. Underwear for both men and women can be molded in this way, packaged and boxed within the lingerie shelves. These delectable delights can be made of rice paper, fruit cheweys and string candy. Basically candy that can be molded when hot and then set in an undies shape and allowed to cool. The fruit flavored candy is then stretchable and is wearable when cool. But possibly not very comfortable or tasty for that matter. It shouldn’t be worn for very long, put it on eat it off kind of thing, otherwise it could all be a bit unhygienic.

And then there is edible body powder and body paint. From vanilla to cherry to watermelon flavors, these “hide in your bottom drawer don’t tell anyone” products could spice up intimacy or they could kill it. One can make themselves into a work of art by brushing their body with soft stokes of flavored paints and powders. Surely having the smell of chocolate or strawberries on ones’ skin isn’t an aphrodisiac? unlike perfume or aftershave. Will sweetening up the bedroom add to or be the foreplay? These smells may only trigger one partner to depart to the kitchen and start preparing a snack. Body glazes and body sprays are also available. So are kissable shimmering and glistening powders. Some of these will have a seductive scent, especially the body powders as opposed to the underwear made of food. There are even glow in the dark body paints for those of us who want to run around in the dark and play games. This last one will probably only draw giggles and annoyance in the bedroom. Tasty massage oils and lotions complete the kit. Bon appetit!

valentines-day Valentines Day…What do Men and Women really want? Posted on February 13, 2014

With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow, some of us will be at a loss as to how to deal with the day. Those of us that are single will dismiss it as a load of commerical hype or completely be unaware of the day. Valentines day is just another day to some. Wheras those of us that are in relationships may expect things from the other and await with baited breath to see what the other has conjured up as an appreciation of their feeling for us. For some, it is a nuisance, making those of us who wouldnt normally be bothered, buy a gift for our other half. For others, it is laced with fun, joy and romance, where we cannot wait to show our affection for the other.

As one trolls through the internet asking the question “what do men want for valentines day?”, the answer is that rather than getting chocolates or teddy bears they would rather a day of fooling around in the bedroom. Some women want this also but its significantly less than what men want as a ‘gift’ on this particular day. Other possible gifts for men include a beer cooler, tickets to his favourite sporting event, a years subscription to a porn site, a months subscription to his fav gym or weight training club, a threesome with an escort (with you joining), a haircut gift token, a gift card to his favourite clothes shop, flying lessons etc. But sometimes guys are not that bothered with gifts. Possibly, the gifts of spontaneity, passion, romance, kisses and a home cooked meal are all thats needed on this day. Same goes for women.

And “what do women want for Valentines day?” Not for their partner to forget them. Expensive gifts are not necessary. Things to avoid are frilly thongs, sex toys, a bunch of daisies from the tuck stop, a teddy bear (unless you know she likes them), a box of candy (so cliche), underwear and heart shaped gifts of any kind (so dah!). Possible gifts for women include a day or a few hours at a local spa, ie getting her hair and nails done etc., a home cooked meal and actually wishing her a happy valentines. Also a bit of romance (a very expensive bunch of roses is accepted here) and relaying your true feelings can cement what would be just another day, into a really special one. For most, on Valentines Day, a sweet gesture is all that is needed. No need for big money spends.

Whatever you do on Valentines Day 2014, try to make the other feel amazing…


nomenclature Nomenclature: Why are escorts referred to as “Girls” and not “Women”? Posted on February 6, 2014

Its funny the escorting world, it seems to have adopted its own terms and ways of thinking. Rarely, maybe never, is the word ‘women’ used in agency adverts. For example its never “women available etc” or ‘which woman would you like to see?’, its always “girls available” or ‘what girl whould you like to see?’ etc.  Escorts are always referred to as ‘girls’, even mature ones. Why?

According to the dictionary, the word ‘girl’ is synomonous with a young unmarried immature woman. Obviously, in society, the word “girl” can refer to a woman of any age. And according to the dictionary the word ‘woman’ is defined as an adult female person. It seems the word ‘girl’ signifies youth and someone who will be agreeable, whereas the word ‘woman’ may signify someone who has matured mentally and not so connected with the word “youth”, no matter what her age. A ‘woman’ will be more independent, know what she wants and won’t take crap basically. The word ‘woman’ can imply someone who is grown up and cannot be persuaded easily. The word ‘girl’ may signify someone who is more amenable and may be easily persuaded. There may be no age difference between a female refered to as a ‘gir’l and one referred to as a ‘woman’, but in the escorting world there is.

Will the client be put off by the word ‘woman’ as opposed to the word ‘girl’. Will he think he will get more than he’s bargained for? Quite possibly, as these two words imply different things. But this is just a state of mind. Agencies want to be seen as “youthful, fresh and full of energy” and using the word ‘women’ may not imply this. Its a competitive industry so branding escorting services with terms so as to make the client not intimidated and completely as ease is critical for business. However, Independent escorts are more likely to describe themselves as women in their introductory pages and blogs. For male escorts for women, the term “boy” isn’t used, unless in the gay market. On these sites it is “guy” or “man”, signifying someone mature.

Of course all escorts are ‘women’, its just funny how they are rarely described this way…

alcohol-feeling-sexy Does Alcohol make you feel sexier? Posted on January 29, 2014

There is much debate on how alcohol affects the sexes. If a woman is already feeling horny, taking a drink can most likely amplify this feeling of arousal. But the feeling has to be there in the first place. It won’t actually make one horny but it will make the horniness express itself more!  Alcohol most likely stimulates the body and makes one more open-minded, but too much can impair judgment. Because of society and culture, one has inhibitions, so alcohol just makes these inner feelings flow easily. There is also the environment that one is in, i.e. in the company of a potential mate is different to being alone in one’s bed drinking. But over doing it can make a lady a sluggish drunk. For guys, it may make them not be able to perform, and, being a slobbering fool can really turn anybody off. But all guys are affected differently by alcohol.  However, for both genders, drinking can increase the expression of libido or make one useless. So in moderation alcohol can add spice, but only if taken in small amounts.

However, to enjoy intimacy, one needs to be mentally lively and alert. Too much drinking can make one less able to be in control sexually and because of this can decrease enjoyment.  Looking at other consequences of drinking, some people may have different personalities when drinking, sadly some become violent and others just start singing! So alcohol may just increase a person’s mood that’s’ there already. Be it good or bad. With alcohol less is definitely more.

beer-bottle If Carlsberg made Escorts… Posted on January 24, 2014

She would be…

  1. She would have bee-stung lips, hair down to her bum
  2. She will have eyes the color of aquamarine amazonite
  3. Silk skin with hair only in the right places
  4. A burnished tan on a never ending youth
  5. A leggy blonde or hair the color of whatever you want
  6. Gravity would have no effect on her body
  7. She will be able to dance to any tune and be as flexible as a gymnacist
  8. You see your life’s pleasures in her eyes
  9. You feel like a king in her company
  10. All the GFE you want she is it
  11. Men envy you
  12. She will make your pulse run a thousand miles
  13. Her smile will cut your breath
  14. The porn star you wanted she is it
  15. She will hang on your every word
  16. She will take your heart
  17. She will be a super charming friendly gal
  18. She knows your sporting heroes and supports your team
  19. She knows how to party and looks a doll first thing
  20. She is the ultimate babe, there when you want her, not there when you don’t want her

Probably not what you will get…but thats the fantasy anyway

pole-dancing Pole Dancing to keep you fit Posted on January 17, 2014

Although pole dancing has mainly been associated with strip clubs, in recent times it has gained a reputation as an excellent form of fitness and acrobatic art. Like gymnastics and aerobics, it works the body to be graceful, flexible and have excellent strength. It is now considered part of a mainstream fitness art with qualifications and courses in dance schools being commonplace. Many competitions are held worldwide. It is readily promoted as a non-sexual performance art. Professional pole dancing requires incredible strength, stamina, intense training and flexibility. A pole dance performance uses different climbs, spins and body inversions. It is described as an aerial dance with many dance studios offering classes. This form of fitness can be enjoyable and invigorating, and is a fun alternative to mainstream gym workouts for both men and women. Although, pole dancing has traditionally been a feminine pursuit, many men now incorporate pole dancing as part of their fitness regime.

In the 1920’s pole dancing was used in circus acts. Somehow, in the 1980’s it was combined with burlesque dance and then moved to being part of striptease acts. As part of the strip tease act, the performer may not perform acrobatics to the standard associated with real pole dancing, but use the pole as a prop to swing and jive around on stage. In strip clubs and some gentlemen’s clubs, poles are often just used as visual aids, around which, an erotic dance is performed nude or semi-clothed. In the 1990’s, pole dancing started to be promoted as a fitness performance art and has increased in popularity since then. Perception may always classify pole dancing as being associated with an erotic environment, but that is only perception.


Some Information in this article was taken from web pages cited below, Copyrights to the respective authors


tantric-massage Tantric massage to arouse the spirit Posted on January 16, 2014

Tantric massage is described as a whole body erotic massage. Warm oils, candles and relaxing music, together with loving hands and body contact make this a complete ecstatic experience for the recipient. It is an all over body massage to bring the recipient to complete relaxation. It is a full erotic massage carried out by a therapist trained in this art. Specialized breathing techniques bring about physical sensations and arousal. Kundalini is intended to be stimulated. Kundalini is a kind of energy that is supposed to be lying dormant at the base of the spine, in a coil like position. In modern times, Kundalini has been likened to the unconscious. The awakening of this unconscious can lead to spiritual enlightenment. This force is said to move up and down the central channel of the body. This awakening stems from yoga and is heightened through chanting and meditation.

The massage includes gentle strokes all over the body and may involve a prostate massage. This type of massage can also be done between two partners as part of intimacy. The intimate female erotic massage part is called the Yoni and the male the Lingam. A sensual tantric massage may involve male or female arousal and sexual release, but this is not the aim of the tantric massage. The main purpose is to heighten one’s sexual energy, to bring about healing and well being and to restore balance to the chakras within the body. The true experience empowers the feminine or masculine soul as a whole. As Kundalini moves up through each chakra, it brings one to a higher level of consciousness that is then integrated in daily life.



Some Information in this article was taken from web pages cited below, Copyrights to the respective authors


girl-in-glasses Sexy Specs Posted on January 11, 2014

Glasses can make a girl seem knowledgeable and sophisticated, which can be attractive as these traits are also related to being self assure and independent. Covering the eyes can make one seem mysterious and others may want to find out more. Glasses can really add to mystery. Removing them occassionally to the bridge of the nose to reveal sexy smouldering eye makeup can really arouse and add to a really attractive ensemble. Specs on a girl can elude thoughts of the nice girl, brainy, shy and studious one. Being with the sexy teacher or secretary are all hidden fantasies some guys harbour. Being a smart girl nerd will always turn heads for some. Well, this is part of the fantasy anyway. But she may just really need glasses to see…

Unlike days gone by, there are now very fashionable specs out there, whether one needs them or not. Almost all the big high street names have put their name to producing stylish and trendy glasses available at opticians. They are a must fashion accessory, from hippy colored frames to the barely there rimless. Being four eyes is popular. For those too scared to get Lasik or having touble with contacts, there is now a really sexy alternative. If specs are worn as a fashion accessory and part of good hair, make up and clothing styles they can really really be a great look. Of course wearing glasses with no make up on, greasy hair and sweatpants probably won’t pull off the same look. The idea is to be hot and sexy so it may make take a lot of effort in other areas to make this so. It also depends on how confident the person wearing them is. Wearing glasses may not enable one to look at the world in a rose colored way, but they surely may help make one’s interactions more interesting.

And most women find glasses on men super hot too!

charming-woman Be a charismatic companion Posted on January 1, 2014

‘Escorting’ can take a lot of personal adjustment and change to be successful. However, the ‘people skills’ required for this occupation can be the same as those when working in any other environment. Having the X factor or at least learning how to show it can make one feel empowered and make things go smoother. Look at successful leaders…they know how to make the other feel like the most important person in the world. This, as history has shown, can have good and bad repercussions. Concentrating on the positive, there is a general agreement on how one should behave in order to be successful at almost anything. This is immensely applicable to the area of ‘escorting’ as this is one of the most ‘people person’ professions out there.

Generally having all the everlasting attractive social traits embodies the word ‘charismatic.’ Charismatic can include enchanting, awe inspiring, sexually enticing, engrossing and enthralling, to name but a few. These are the people that possess us and keep us wanting more from them. If one is not born like this, one can at least be aware of how to learn to apply these traits to manage situations in their favor.

There are many different qualities to being a charming companion but one of the most applicable is the ability to make people like you. Liking yourself is a good start. Others usually follow suit and will like you too. Physical gestures and body language include smiling, being easy, not being overtly emotional and leaving your ego at the door. It needs to be mostly about the other person when escorting, the world has to revolve around them, whether or not it really does. The escort needs to be a good listener. To be able apprehend and take in all the tribulations of the other. To mix these up with a good response to be the perfect societal individual. To go into the others’ world so that time spent really is a ‘time out’ for them. Being humorous, giving complements and being utterly attractive are good to have as well…